tammy & ryan: saratoga national

To say that Saturday October 8th was one of the nicest days of the year would be an understatement!! Tammy and Ryan really had a beautiful day! We arrived up in Saratoga Springs to a home full of bridesmaids in blue dresses and the ladies from Make Me Fabulous. Once our bride Tammy was dressed we headed outdoors for some of that October goodness! Their dresses against the foliage was just perfect. Talk about color! Not to mention the super duper photogenic Tammy! She was killing it out there. After we wrapped up it was off to my all time favorite church in Saratoga Springs. The Bethesda Episcopal Church is one of the coolest churches in Saratoga Springs. I wish we shot their more often! After their ceremony we had some time to kill before cocktail hour at Saratoga National Golf Club began so we headed to Congress Park! Then once the party started, it didn’t stop. You can thank the Audio Stars for that! These people partied all damn night! Tammy and Ryan, thank you so much for choosing us! We had a blast with you, your families and friends! Such a fun day! Now enjoy the blog while you pack for your honeymoon!


Something blue?

Susan Truax from Make Me Fabulous finishing Tamny!

Tammy and mom get ready..

Love this one..

Each girl had their own flowers. These were two of my favorite bouquets..

Stop right there! Tammy, you be killin em..

This place is beautiful AND its a couple doors away from Starbucks so thats a bonus right?

A whole lot of Massachusetts accents right here.

Tammy and Dad, on deck..

If Ryan’s face doesn’t say it all, how about his mother? Love this image.

Tying the knot..

Sorry Mr Shea but you’re caught!! 😉

This place is the BOMB!

Mr & Mrs…

The duck totally photo bombed our photo,,

Loving their style.

fall is here!

I do like this one a lot.

A little Elario Configuration..

Another favorite.. thats why is was my facebook teaser

GQ.. nice time piece, a gift from Tammy..

Welcome to Saratoga National.. we love Shannon!

Ryan wanted to recreate the famous lunchtime atop a skyscraper shot in NY from 1932 by Charels Ebbets.

We had to get some standard Saratoga National images!!

The color was off the hook!!!

If you can have your cocktail hour downstairs at SGNC do it.. its awesome! Obviously don’t even ask if its track season!!

First dance..

A nice toast..

I’ll end with this outdoor image of what a beautiful day 10.08.11 was!

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