tanya & dylan: hall of springs

Last Friday I think it officially changed from fall to winter. Gosh it was pretty cold in the beginning of the day! Eventually it warmed up a little bit. Tanya, Dylan, their families and bridal party were all troopers though! Everyone braved the cold! We also had my good friend Jason Valentine on the Elario roster that day. Why? We’ll he shot a behind the scenes video!  It’s been too long so we decided it was time to have a fun day and share what its like behind the scenes of the images we create. Stay tuned for that!

Onto October 28, 2011. We set things off in the Gideon Putnam Hotel for our getting ready portion of the day as well as the ladies photos. Tanya was in the suite looking all types of beautiful just waiting to get into that gown. After a flower drop off by my lovely and talented wife Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs Tanya got dressed and we headed downstairs. Originally we had planned to do all the first look at the Gideon Putnam but last minute decided to head to the Hall of Springs. Sometimes you never know what type of game day decision might happen. After Dylan got to see Tanya it was all fun from there. We got those family shots wrapped up with the quickness and were able to have a lot of time with our bride and groom.I know Al Woodard was getting some incredible stuff out there too! Then before I knew it the guests were starting to arrive and it was time to get married. The ceremony musician John Charles Cook grabbed his acoustic guitar and the processional began. After that it was party time! Hayden Yund set the Elario Photo Booth up and DJ Paul Malo pressed play. The party really was a super fun evening. Tanya and Dylan danced their butts off like ALL brides and grooms should! 😉 It was a great day! I can’t thank you guys enough for choosing us to capture your day! I know I had a blast getting to know you guys and look forward to seeing you again sometime! Congrats!


The gown..

Hot shoes… 😉

Bling bling.

Our bride..

How pretty is Tanya?

Dad loves his first look.

Still some signs of fall in the back..

Do your thang Tanya!

OK, one more.

Some bouquets by Fleurtacious Designs

8 ladies trying to look like they’re not freezing their butts off!


Dylan had this whole GQ thing down..

First look..

How could he not smile?

20 person group shot anyone?

I love this one..

but I love this one more. Thats why it was a my facebook teaser.

A little wind and light..

The Elario configuration, looking good.

a b&w for fun..

I was pretty excited about this image when I look it.. Its just right.

Big pimpin in the Rolls..

This car was awesome.

Not to mention the color was as well..

One more forehead kiss..

Tanya and Dylans 2 month old baby Kinsley rocking a fascinator

The fam!

The ceremony space in the round… I’m seeing more and more of this and I love it.

The Hall of Springs was pretty dark for this ceremony. For the photo buffs ISO 5000 at 1/80 f1.2 (5d mk2)

Mr and Mrs…

A little combination of Fleurtacious Designs on the left and Tanya’s skills on the right..

First dance..

busting a move..

We’ll end with a little series from their photo booth!

This backdrop is called “black keys” by drop it MODERN (duh!)


Was Hayden telling you to act like cats or something?

The Honor attendants with the b&g

Congrats again!!!!!

next one

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