the history of my famous “bling shot”

For those of you who’ve been following my blog for a while might have noticed a trend in my engagement sessions. It’s alway the last image you’ll see in my engagement session blogs. It might be silly or whatever but it’s become a must get shot for me. It all started back in the summer of 2008. June 9th to be exact. I call it my “bling shot”.

So here’s the deal. I was shooting Jaimee and Sean’s engagement session and we were just winding down. I had them sitting on the ground next to one another. I actually wonder if they even remember me saying to them, “Jaimee, show me your ring like you would show someone after you just got engaged.” Isn’t the universal “I’m engaged” sign left hand up facing outwards ladies? Sure you can point your hand down but thats wack. I prefer digits up so you know. Sean naturally looked at Jaimee when she stuck her hand up shook his head and smiled. Anyway after I took that shot I looked at the camera and said ” Yes! This is how I’m ending all my engagement sessions from now on.”


Had there been no bling shot this is how their session would have ended..

Here it is.. my first ever bling shot. Who’d a thunk it would become a must do shot for me.

The bling shot does get around… Last June the famous bling shot was spotted in Hoboken… check it out

and a couple years ago it was spotted in Fenway Park too. Click to see their awesome e shoot.

This past December a freshly “I just got engaged” bling shot was captured.. check it out here.

Even when I proposed to my now lovely wife Kris Ann I was able to capture a bling shot of her.. You can still see the tears in her eyes.

All kinds of trademarks in this one.. Red Sox, Starbucks and oh bling shot. Have I mentioned yet I’m a Yankee fan? You’d think from this blog post all my couples are Sox fans.. boo to them! Their engagement session.

Big rock alert. A big bling shot of a stunning couple.. their session is here

Sometimes you might bump into a potential bride who happens to be a mega blog stalker.. When she told me she’s now engaged and planning her wedding I said “Well you need a bling shot then.” Not shortly after I captured this image Marie made it official and added us to her wedding day roster for this upcoming May…

But before her and Chris would tie the knot they needed a bling shot. Here’s their session..

Jamie and Eamon at the fair.. A favorite of mine. Have a look.

I love when couple’s have fun with the bling shot.. Here is Elisabeth and Jon’s awesome summer session..

Keeping with the fun factor Alissa was never too shy to ham it up for the camera. See theirs.

Even the famous Mona got her bling on back in September of 2009

Bling it up with airplanes.. check this one out.. one of my favs from 2010.

I’ll end this one with my favorite “bling shot” of 2010. Julia was so funny with this… have a look at their session.

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