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What’s up people? We’re getting closer to that time of the season. Aside from tax day April is always a fun month because it usually warms back up, also the wedding and engagement shoots start up as well. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get back into it. We have two awesome weddings at the end of the month and I have a sweet engagement shoot (weather pending) coming up in a couple weeks too. So look for new images in the days ahead….

Speaking of new images, well, not so new but new to the blog anyway. I thought I would share some throwbacks from 2005 and 2006 with you. You see I started this blog way back in October of 2006 but there were definitely blogable (would “blogable” count in scrabble?) weddings we shot in the months and years ahead of the blogs debut. So unless you’ve all been deep into the website or know these people the following images should be new to you. I had so much fun looking back at all these weddings and I hope you do too. So sit back, relax and enjoy this heavy blog post.


From 2005, I remember Aixa & Alan wanted a huge big group shot but the surrounding areas were all jacked up so we had everyone scream and applaud and I pulled in tight and here’s what we got.

This Memorial Day wedding back in 2005 was almost a complete rain out. Seriously about 5 minutes after this photo was taken it down poured and never stopped.

Emma WIllard School is always a beautiful backdrop.

Melissa & Peter had one of those “is it going to rain?” days all day for their wedding back in 2005….

It never did rain.

When ever I’m cold I look at this June 2005 wedding. It gets the all time award for hottest wedding weather, high 90s, no clouds, mad humid, everything outdoors. Jackie & James were troopers though.

One of my favorite candid images of 2005…

What can I say about Maggan & Ralph? Anyone who’s familiar with our body of work has seen these two. We shot 3 different engagement shoots of them in 3 different seasons. The final season (4) was their fall wedding.

I’ve enjoyed the relationship that I’ve built with 2005 bride and groom Jennifer & Patrick. Their daughter Meara is beautiful as was their October wedding.

I still love this shot of them in the infamous alley.

Who could forget Jennifer?

Jennifer & Gary’s November 2005 wedding was an awesome day. 

All I remember was the wind when we stepped out to the New York Athletic Club’s terrace to grab these amazing shots of Katie & Rob.

Alison & Jimmy. Funny thing, I ran into Jimmy this past summer and he designed my fiancé’s beautiful engagement ring. He also designed Allison’s wedding day jewelry and her bridesmaids as well. 

So it rained… they couldn’t technically leave the Albany church because their marriage license was in Saratoga… their classic car broke down… the dress got wet, but nothing you threw at Jackie & Brian even phased them. They just rolled with it and had fun all day well into the night.

This brunch wedding in Lake George was awesome…

AWESOME! I ended up meeting the one and only Dave Matthews and was done in time to catch the show that evening. Even if it was crazy windy and I look like a goof I still met him.

I love this little series when the he pronounced them man and wife. Allison’s expression is hilarious.

This is another one of my favorite candid shots. How cool? The bride and groom just chilling shooting the breeze. I think every couple should have a minute like this on their day.

The good light for Alyson & John. This was our third Alyson of 2006… all spelled it different too.

I love this classic portrait of Gracie & Jim. It’s so Schuyler Meadows.

In 2006 we shot a ton of weddings at the location below. So I’ll end the blog with them. I love this night time portrait.

Behind this building there’s an alley way. The texture of the bricks are simply georgous… Jenn & Andy aren’t bad either.

Just ad late July light to the bricks and boom. Jennifer & Luigi got some good good light.

But of all the alley shots. Rick and his boys takes the cake.

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