Incredible, amazing, fun, beautiful, emotional and stylish are some adjectives that come to mind when thinking back on Tiffany and George’s wedding. This wedding easily falls into a category of it’s own. We all knew it would though. Come on we’re talking about Tiffany Reo here!  Did you expect something different? I didn’t. To say I’ve been excited to shoot this wedding since Tiffany hired us back in January of 2010 would be a major understatement. There was a buzz in the air for quite a while about this one. This was the event of the year for Tiffany and George’s friends and family and a photographers paradise.

June 25th 2011 was simply a beautiful day. While rain was a constant threat it never really did make much of an appearance. The energy at Tiffany’s fathers home was just how I like it, loud! When we walked in you could feel the bass from the music bumping. The house was filled with crazy beauty. Tiffany was in the chair getting all sorts of fabulous by Kyle of Make Me Fabulous. In the family room stood a dress that had more buzz than the royal wedding. It was amazing for so many reasons. Being an FIT alumni, professional stylist and fashion blogger Tiffany designed her gown. Thats right ladies, an original design by the bride and made by her grandmother. How freaking cool? How about the 2000 roses on the gown? You think that took some time? I love that it’s a one of a kind. After Tiffany got dressed the music got even more loud and we had a fun little photo session. If I could shoot all my weddings with blaring music I would (hint, hint). It’s so fun!! Myself and videographer Al Woodard seriously talked about how fun it was at the Reo home with the music and energy. Speaking of my man Al, he beat me again and blogged a ridiculous recap. Please make sure you check that out when you’re done here.

It’s now time for a wedding! It was off to St Judes Church. I never saw it look so good. George was on site looking mighty dapper in his HUGO Boss tuxedo. Fella’s, take notes. George didn’t rent his tux. I don’t think Tiffany would have had that lol. As the guests arrived so did the clouds. Tiffany and her family we’re just on their way into the church when a few drops of rain came down and it lasted for like three minutes. Tiffany and George did something different with their church music. She told me they hired a “garage band off craigslist”. They killed it. For the processional, everyone walked down the aisle to Bruno Mars song “Just The Way You Are”. As the song peaked the curtains opened and George saw his bride. It was so beautiful. Those musicians were awesome and if anyone knows their name they need to put it in the comment box below because I think more people should use them. Tiffany and Georges ceremony was sweet. Their priest Father Alex Santora from Hoboken was great with his stories about them. After the ceremony we headed into Troy and made some beautiful images. Then it was party time…

Onto the theme and decor of this one. Cirque De Amore was the theme. Anyone who knows Tiffany knows her incredibly talented Mother Maria Vartanian. Maria is also known as Party With Mia. She’s been throwing themed parties and events forever and does a damn good job at them. They came up with the theme Cirque De Amore and ran with it. Tiffany had some inspiration pictures of flowers she showed to my wife Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs. Kris Ann and her staff we’re in charge of all the florals but really across the board it was one incredible collaboration of talent. Talk about red roses! Holy smokes. The large centerpieces alone had over 200 roses in them. I believe the total rose count was over 8000!! You should have scene the piles of stems in Kris Ann’s shop the next day! Now Tiffany being Tiffany decided she wanted to do the Franklin Plaza up a little different. She told me a while back being a Troy girl and all she had been to many events at the plaza and just wanted to do something different. She sure did. For those attending this one who had been to the plaza before are familiar with the walk in the door and head upstairs for cocktails standard were probably surprised when they were greeted into the ballroom for cocktail hour. Maybe some were even confused on where to head after cocktails? That was where the tent came into play. The guests headed outdoors for first dance, toasts and dinner. Once dinner was over everybody was escorted back inside to a completely transformed ballroom and a stilt walker greeting them. There was no confusion that this was the party and dessert room and thats what happened. People partied and “danced danced” like it was in fact the “last last night of their lives” 😉 What a party!! Props to their DJ who I believe was a friend of George’s. Please if you know the companies name leave it in the comment box because they were the bomb!

I know I wrote a lot on this one. Shoot, I’ve spent countless hours working on this blog post (as I do all my posts). I just thought it was so fabulous it needed to be talked about in detail. I appreciate you all (hopefully) taking the time to read and visit the blog. Most importantly to the Reo, Vartanian and Piñero families thank you! We’re just thrilled to have been part of your day. Seriously every time I’m around you it feels like I’m part of the family. Tiffany and George, what can I say? I had a blast in Hoboken last June and even more fun this June in Troy. You’re both awesome people and we wish you happiness forever, forever, ever, forever, ever. 😉 I hope this blog reaches you in Greece ASAP.


Just to remind you all.. their engagement session I shot last June. So stylish..

Talking about style..

The shoe’s were quite fab. George picked them out! Maybe this will be a trend?

I love the detail on that gown..


I love this shot of Tiffany and her sister Brittany..

I mentioned in my writeup Tiffany designed her gown and her grandmother to the left (if you can believe she’s a grandmother) made the gown.

A little help from MOH Daniella (a former Elario bride)

Her smile and energy can really light up a room..

So incredible.

I love my job..

Oh you fancy huh?

A beautiful and classic bouquet by Fleurtacious Designs

I love this shot..

Ladies, you’re all stunning..

just stunning..

Over at Uncle Gary & Aunt Koni’s home the fellas got their snack on before the ceremony..

This is on of my favorite Troy homes.. So awesome for photos!

At Saint Judes..

On the way in!

An emotional entrance with Dad..

All eyes on Tiffany..

I love moments like this during ceremonies..

You may kiss your bride!

Mr & Mrs..

The fella’s complete with little Mikey..

The bridal party..

I love the colors..

That gown was just so awesome.

This might be one of my favorites from the day..

Thanks to our girl Hayden Yund for helping out and snagging this awesome shot.

I like this one too..

You gotta love that Elario configuration..

I teased this one on my facebook page on Sunday (as I always do) and between comments and likes my updates were blowing up!

Take a Seat! The best use EVER of the vault at Franklin Plaza. Props to sister of the bride Brittany on the graphic design! (ps notice the only E? yeah thats how Kris Ann and I roll)

The tent was incredible. As I mentioned in my write up Fleurtacious Designs did the flowers and Party with Mia (Tiffany’s Mom) supplied the rest.

Over 200 roses in these large pieces. Incredible huh? There were over 8000 roses on site..

No details were overlooked..

The reception was set off right..

They danced to Stolen by Dashboard Confessional..

Dress #2 and our little friend Winston. You think he’d sit this out?

So fun..

Winston is half Frenchie half Boston.. I love him.

I love this one. Its makes me smile.

Oh yeah!!

Work it!

Another favorite..


So sweet.. in that butter light.

If you asked me to present and image that showed their personality to a T this would be it.

Oh that good light! LOVE IT!

After dinner was over with it was back inside for just awesomeness.. A stilt walker is a first! Only Tiffany could pull this off. He was perfect for the theme!

Incase the guests had any room left in their stomaches..

What a cake! Made by Melissa Martuscello at Make Me A Cake Next Door.

I told you they partied, hard.

I just love this shot of Tiffany’s Mother Maria!

Too cute..

We’ll end with the kissing booth! This was one incredible event. Congrats!!!!!!!!

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  1. Well, finally Grandma come down to earth! I am so happy with all the wedding details and your pictures JP are out of this world!!What a talent…I know that my granddaughter and new grandson are gorgeous to work with, but your talent to take pictures is amazing!, you are definetely in the right field…Your wife did a beautiful job with the flowers, my thanks to her, and my daughter, unbelievable job! as everyone said before, a great group of talented people put this wedding together. Congratulations to Tiffany and George, and may they live a long life together full of love and happiness! Love, Grandma

  2. What a day, What a day! JP you big J. you completely captured the magic of this one. Tiffany , George and the crew were wonderful to work with. I was honored to be in such great company at this tremendous event!

  3. Looks like an amazing event Maria must be thrilled she really outdid herself, as you all did! And Dee you look adorable!!!

  4. my friend Mona . . . said it all .. .
    still munching on the large bag of candy .
    Franklin Plaza . . . trophy job.

  5. WOW! My favorite picture of them all is the b&W of Tiffany’s reflection in the handheld mirror. I also loved the b&w of the grooms in front of the house, and of course of Winston’s portrait. The brick wall you used for a backdrop was incredible as well. Looks like it was an excellent celebration overall! Congrats!!

  6. I’m speecless. The photos are amazing and the details are just out of this world!! wow!

  7. Tiffany and the Joe’s I am sorry but I am going to have to block your blog site from our computer at the shop. All the girls at MMF are not getting any work done today, because they cannot stop looking at this blog post!!! Love it. Love you! Emily, Kyle and Jessica keep thanking me for putting them on your wedding!! And hoping that all their upcoming weddings will be this much fun!!! Oh yes and another one of our girls, who shall remain nameless, now has a JP and Joe love fest going on too!

  8. Simply Stunning!! There are no words to describe this incredible wedding…yet again you guys captured it! Congratulations to the bride and groom….what a spectacular job planning and major kudos to all the vendors!!

  9. HOLY BLOG!!! Great shots of the bride… I love the Roses on the gown. They both looked so happy walking down the aisle after they were married. My favorite… the teaser!!! Great shots JP and Big Joe!

  10. Wow. Just… wow!! I cannot possibly comment on all the details, so let me try to keep it brief (HA).
    First – Tiffany I am BEYOND impressed with the design of your dress. And the handiwork of your grandmother! AND the creativity of your mom. Clearly, the apple did not fall far at all from the tree. How amazing to have a completely unique dress – and not just one, but TWO. Very cool, the second one was sassy! 🙂
    Your hair and makeup, fabulous of course. Your girls looked beautiful, all… the men looked great, and George was rocking the tux and skinny tie very nicely. The details in the Plaza. WOW, red hot is right!!! Talk about a theme!!! Seriously. this was amazing, and clearly involved a lot of careful planning and details. So impressed.

    But beyond all the details and beauty, you two look so happy and relaxed. You really did light up the pics with all the smiling. Really such a beautiful day! And I’m not just saying that cause you got married on my birthday 🙂 Looks like just perfection for you two! Wishing you a lifetime of more of that. 🙂

    big joe and jp – this. rocks. 🙂

  11. Truly AMAZING! I didn’t think a night so SPECTACULAR could posiibly be captured in time…it was truly a night to remember! Wishing Tiff & George all the BEST! Hope your having an amazing time in Greece…can’t wait to get together when you get home 🙂

  12. JP, I’m simply obsessed with your photography!!! Awesome wedding. Hope to see you and your beautiful bride soon 🙂

  13. AMAZING job by all! From start to finish the day was perfect! Hope everyone is resting now. Also, LOVED the link to our wedding 😉 Job very well done Elarios!

  14. I am a regular silent stalker, but I had to comment on this one. Wow, what an awesome event. I really enjoyed looking at every single picture. What awesome photos. This blog entry should be submitted to Style Me Pretty or Green Wedding Shoes sites for them to feature. It is that good! Congratulations to the beautiful couple.

  15. Good news travels fast, we were at the top of the Parthenon in Athens when another tourist said, there’s a new blog up on the Elarios site! ( haha okay that might have been a strech, but I’m glad we saw this while were emailing the fam, unbelievable!!! Your words and details mean so much to us, it really was more than we could have imagined. Thank you to you and your beautiful wife who we couldn’t have done it with out! Amazing. The band is from Valatia, their name is Civilian, and our sick with DJs are Explosive Entertainment out of New Jersey, with MC Tommy X. From start to finish we had the best vendors ever!!! hugs & kisses from Greece!

  16. I have never been so excited for a blog post! wow! The photographs are AMAZING and I am so honored to be credited on an Elario blog! (only been stalking for 6 years!)<3
    You both have so much love, amazing families and an unforgettable wedding day. So happy that I was there experience it all and meet you! Tiffany, get ready girl, I may hit u up next time when I'm in Jersey! xo

  17. The photos, the dress, the flowers, the decor, the couple… WOW ! No other words are coming to me!! JP you nailed it when you said “INCREDIBLE”. Everything looked beyond gorgeous! Congratulations Tiffany & George, I hope your some where in Greece showing off your blog to new friends! Tiffany, my doll ,you are drop dead gorgeous!

  18. Awesome!! Beautiful dress, beautiful bride, handsome groom and amazing setting! Kudos to all!

  19. speechless…..way too many things to comment on! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog…what a gorgeous happy couple! tiffany your dress is incredible!! elairos – you rocked it 🙂

  20. Amazing job as always! It’s impossible to pick just one picture that I love! You easily make everyone relive the wonderful night all over again with your pictures, bravo! I hope Tiff & George can see them in Greece, I’m sure they will! Congrats guys! xoxo

  21. You always outdo yourself, JP! These are incredible! Love the decor and Kissing Booth!!

  22. I’m in complete awe and have chills from these images! It was just stunning all around – congrats Tiffany & George!

  23. absolutely love the red roses in the bridal parties bouquets and in the tent, WOW…. the whole wedding party looked awesome…. love the song Stolen, great choice 😀 …the kissing booth, LOVE that idea!…. quite a bunch of talented people put this together and everything looked a-maz-ing. kudos to everyone who helped out! love the grandma and mom shots, and… ok i love all the shots, fabulous job JP! Congrats to Tiffany and George!!!

  24. love, love, love! What an amazing event!! Tiffany I have known you since you were a little girl and I am so happy for you. You and George seem like the perfect match! You know how to pick-em 🙂 and also you picked the BEST vendors! What a day and I was so happy to be a part of it, even if as one of my designers posted on FB the evening of your wedding “I don’t hate my boss, I think she is psychotic” 🙂 We had a great day and hope we made your dream wedding come true. All the best! And we love you too Party with Mia, it was great working with you and all the girls!!!

  25. Unbelievable – I think i’m taking it the hardest that its all over. Pics are amazing, great job! PS the bands name is Civilian from Valatia, NY.