It’s time for a new blog peeps! It’s time to share Tina and Jonathan’s big day! What a fun wedding this was from the start. There was great energy while the girls got all fabulous by the girls of Make Me Fabulous. Also on hand was the boys of the Clark+Walker film crew. Not only was Tina a beautiful bride, her ladies were all stunning as well. I just loved the color blue in those dresses. So after our little session at Tina’s parents home it was off to the church. Jon was there looking great with his hand tied bow tie. I think all you guys out there should know how to tie one, it should be a rule as a man. Anyway it was time to tie the knot. Tina often would giggle throughout the ceremony which prompted all guests to join in. It was one of my favorite things that happened that day. Too funny. We then headed to Saratoga National for party time. Boy did these people party! DJ Andy Pratt had a packed floor all damn night. It was a super fun party! Tina and Jon, congrats to you guys! We appreciate you having us around for the big day. We had a blast and enjoyed not only spending time with you but your families as well.


Clever.. 😉

Sue of Make Me Fabulous doing her thang..

I loved her gown..

The details in it were awesome.

I love the light in the shot on the left.

I really dig when all the gowns are a little different.

Random fact: Everyone calls Tina “Bean”

Stunning Tina, seriously.

Sorry ladies I think he’s married 😉

I love this shot of Tina and Dad just before..

This church had some wonderful light..

One of my favs from the day..

Mr & Mrs..

I really like this bridal party shot. Totally relaxed..

Ok, now time for some fun..

Love it..

What a great looking couple!!

Once of my favs..

The configuration is getting better and better..

My facebook teaser..

The ballroom at Saratoga National. I liked their decal on the window, it was really cool. I saw guests photographing that all night.

1st dance..

A nice toast by Tina’s twin sis Tammy.

When Andy Pratt is the DJ this shot always happens..

I love that they danced all night long.

It was just fun! Congrats guys!!!!!!!

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  1. I think I looked pretty freaking spectacular!

    Haha jk. I mean, I did, but the bride and groom obviously took the show 😉 Great job!

  2. love the reception shots, so much energy, color, and FUN! 😀 the black and whites are my faves out of this series, but the shots of the couple out in the grass with the light…MMmmm wow. 🙂 fabulous. the bridal party was beautiful…the couple was gorgeous… seriously JP do you only get models for clients or what? wonderful shots, Again 🙂 Congrats to the happy couple!!!
    and I agree, your configurations are getting better and better 😉

  3. Beautiful!!!!!! I love the blue bridesmaids dresses too, they really pop. A great looking bridal party all around. Tina and Jon, you guys look spectacular! Your dress fits you perfectly, you pull off a mermaid beautifully. Makeup is of course FABULOUS. I really love the pic of her dad seeing her down the stairs… the Mr. and Mrs… of course the pool ball wedding date 🙂 The light in the field is just gorgeous. And the party looked like they were having a blast. Awesome 🙂 Congratulations guys!!! You look totally in love and happy 🙂

    Gentlemen (of JEP), nice work as usual 🙂

  4. Brilliant! I love them all! Tina and Jon look absolutely fabulous! What a great time we had and our family is so lucky you were able to capture it for us. I can’t wait to see more!

  5. All the pics look awesome, especially the ones of my beautiful bride! Thanks so much Jp, enjoyed the whole day. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  6. . . thank you guys for securing our photo services for what was a wonderful day , both families & friends were a joy to work with. I salute you both.

  7. ahhh the pool balls…so smart! and are the rings on the american flag? tina, i love your dress as well, the top is awesome (what’s that called? a crumb catcher?)! i’m liking the relaxed bridal party shot too! very nice elarios 🙂

  8. JP!!! Wow! These are absolutely AMAZING!! You and Joe are beyond words!! Jon and I can’t thank you enough for all of your amazing hard work and true talent! I can’t wait to share these with everybody, you guys are truly the BEST!! You both did an amazing job capturing the best day of our lives! LOVE you guys, LOVED the day, and LOVE the Blog!! 🙂
    P.S. Thanks for making me cry! hehe

  9. i’ve been checking this blog for days now, finally!! 😉 these all are incredibly amazing!!!!! you guys were great!!

  10. Ahhhhh amazing!!!!!!!!!! Tina is the most beautiful bride in the entire world and I am so happy for her. Jon is the luckiest man ever and looks just dapper. I wish them all the best!!!!!!!!!!