tomalika & dan: the desmond

I must apologize for my delay on blogging this October 24th wedding. Normally you know me, I crank these blogs out like its no ones business but October kicked my butt. So without further ado here’s Tomalika & Dan’s post…

Recalling back to this 100% chance of rain day I thought there was no way we’d ever fire off one frame outdoors. I was wrong! The rain stopped a couple times that Saturday and in the right times of the day for us. We arrived at Dan’s fathers house where everyone and I mean EVERYONE was getting ready. The guys downstairs shooting pool, the ladies in the kitchen getting some hair and makeup done of course by Alayne and her crew from Make Me Fabulous.  After everyone got dressed the guys were off to The Desmond and the I pulled the ladies outdoors for some photos. It stopped raining so why not right? Talk about color, the ladies were so vibrant and beautiful. Its such a treat to have something different to photograph. After that we rushed to The Desmond and had about 3 minutes outdoors with Tomalika & Dan, seriously I think it was no longer than 3 minutes. The light went away and it started to rain again so we went indoors and it was time to tie the knot. After a beautiful ceremony it was a wardrobe change for Tomalika a few more shots of the couple and party time. Tomalika & Dan, congrats to you both and thanks for having us.

Enjoy, leave love,

Alayne is always on time.

Since the guys were playing pool and they had the rings, I could not resist. Oh yeah October 24th… duh!

A little behind the scenes of that one.

Grainy b&w =  awesome.

I’m just loving all these images…

That henna was awesome right?

Tomalika was such a beautiful bride. So photogenic.

You gotta love some flowers from Fleurtacious Designs.

Talk about color!

One shot from their first look.

I think this tree is just awesome for the color Tomalika is wearing.

One of my favs from the day.

Because their ceremony space was so nice we had to take just one in there before the guests came in.

A wardrobe change.

So Tomalika asked me if I got a shot of her shoes which I had not up until this point. Boy am I glad she said something because this image is just awesome.

I love the available light stuff in the dining room. It was dark too, anyone who knows The Desmond knows what I’m talking about.

Another awesome job by Fleurtacious Designs:

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