tracey & mark: franklin plaza wedding

Is it going to rain? Yes? No? I don’t know.. That was the theme from last Saturday’s wedding. Anyone reading this blog who knows Tracey knows she’s a planner and a punctual person. Having something like the weather out of your control can be stressful right? Early last week I started receiving emails like this from Tracey. “the weather is not looking very good for the weekend.” Well I thought my response was pretty good to all her emails. It went something like this “its early… i know its probably super stressful right now but try not to look at it until weds/thurs.. we’ll get good pics regardless of the weather. it’s going to be a good day!” What did Tracey do? She kept watching the weather as any excited and anxious bride would. She she then emails me this the following day “70 percent rain on Saturday” and my response was “i told you not to look until weds/thurs… πŸ˜‰ i knew you would. i’ve seen these things change. i’ve seen 80% but no rain, i swear i’m not making that up. you really never know tracey. sometimes you don’t know until the minute. but really, do not worry and remember you got the elario’s we’re going to be all good. listen, franklin plaza is a good place to be in should it rain. take a deep breath and have a drink and remember its your wedding day.” After that the emails subsided and before I knew it I woke up to an 80% forecast of a rainy Saturday May 8, 2010…..

Arriving at the Franklin Plaza in Troy while rocking a pair of sunglasses felt pretty good. At this point of the day I thought this weather thing was on our side. Tracey was all smiles and ready step into that gown and get going rain or shine. After some getting ready images we headed downstairs and outside when Mother Nature decided it wasn’t that time to let us out yet just yet. It was like this all day, on and off rain. So annoying. Anyway, no biggie we’re at Franklin Plaza which has beauty no matter where you shoot. For something different we shot Tracey and the girls portraits in the vault room, which is one of the nicest natural light rooms in that whole building. Then the rain stopped and the sun came out. So did we. We pretty much were able to shoot almost all the photos outdoors including the first look. Then right as we were winding up the group shots Mother Nature tapped me on the should was like “get back inside now” OK no biggie. We waited this one out for another 10 minutes and then booya suns out and we were able to get those fun bride and groom shots outdoors! Then I looked at my watch and the ceremony was about to start. Three officiates waited at the top of the aisle as Tracey and her father Jeff headed that way. The aisle’s decor was cool too. Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs spent a little bit of time making those petals criss cross just right. I gotta throw some props to Tracey & Mark’s friend Shelton. He got ordained just for their wedding! How awesome is that? His opening words were great too. After they tied the knot and broke the glass the party started. The New York Players had that crowd locked down from the opening intro’s late into the evening when they busted out Journey’s don’t stop believing. And thats that! Another great one down! Thank you to Tracey and Mark! We had a blast and enjoyed your wedding. Hope the honeymoons treating you well. Oh… Mary and Katie, you can stop clicking refresh now. Here’s their blog..


You gotta love Jeff’s look right here. Tracey looked so pretty.

I first met these ladies in 1994 at the young age of 13. It was wonderful to see Patrice, Tracey, Mary & Katie.

I love this. The yellow fleurs against the black dresses and the neutral building!

Kind of an outtake but still very fun and real.

Nothing could stop her from smiling..

Or Mark.. He ran to Tracey for their first look..

And she was waiting with open arms!

I think this is my favorite from the day.

Fleurtacious Designs killing it with some awesome yellow bouquets..

Big Joe is too good at styling group shots like this.. I love it, especially in b&w.

A different one and in color. More chilled out style.

It started to rain again right here..

So in love.

I love this spot in Troy.

My sunday morning facebook teaser shot.

Gotta love some b&w…

Some details..

Wasn’t the aisle cool?

As I mentioned in my writeup above their friend Shelton (glasses) became ordained so he could preform their marriage. He’s now accepting brides and grooms for the 2011-2012 season, just kidding πŸ˜‰

I met these two “blog stalkers” during the cocktail hour. Ladies, its for people like you that make me push the envelope week after week on this blog so thanks for stalking. I think I might start a new series here for when people tell me they stalk…

The talk of the night went something like this “OMG did you see their cake topper?” I was told this came from Las Vegas, its so Vegas!

It’s always fun to watch this room fill up!

A strong beginning to a great evening.

Every wedding should have a hora.

Journey dude!

I’ll end with this beautiful b&w of the newly weds, Tracey & Mark.

next one

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