tracy & matt: franklin plaza

What’s up party people? This past weekend Tracy & Matt tied the knot and as blog fan and often commenter Cornelius would say we absolutely “crushed it”. Seriously I’m sick of this rain trying to cramp my style. Speaking of that, nice try Mother Nature but I got your number. Yeah you might have rained for pre ceremony photos but you were no where to be found come 5:00pm when we were out on the street on the yellow lines doing our thang. Maybe it was the size of Tracy & Matt’s bridal party that scared you or the fact that your simply rained out. LOL. Right now you all reading this might be thinking to yourself “What’s wrong with JP? Has he gone mad?” No I just felt like talking some smack to good ol Mother Nature. On with the post….

So like I said above when we arrived at Tracy’s parents house for the pre-ceremony pics and the rain followed us there. It didn’t matter because we shot out on the porch well covered and still in the daylight. Tracy was looking stunning and her gown was beautiful. Shortly there after we headed to St Thomas in Delmar where Matt was waiting rocking a nice new time piece from his bride to be, Tracy took notes ladies. During the mass it stopped raining and Father James Walsh made mention of that in his opening words. However, by the time they came down the aisle as newlyweds that pesky Mother Nature brought them some more good luck rain. It was only about a 20 minute shower which gave us time to shoot the formal photos at the alter. Earlier in the week I spoke to Tracy as I do all brides the week of their wedding and she mentioned how bad she wanted to stop at this sunflower field. As you can see by the header image above we made it. But I’ll be honest, I thought we were going to have to scrap those plans. Tracy & Matt were game so that means Big Joe, awesome videographer Al Woodard & myself were. This road we went out to has been bookmarked in my GPS for further shoots. What a beautiful spot! Since we had a lot of rain earlier in the day the “sun” flowers were kinda droopy but that didn’t matter because on the opposite side of the street was one of the most awesome color palettes so far this season and its not even October yet. We did all of our shooting on the road since the grass was wet and what not so in between dodging angry motor vehicles and what not and risking my life at times on the double yellow lines I couldn’t be more happier with the images we came home with. I’m tooting our own horns here, we crushed it. So then it was off to The Franklin Plaza in Troy and the room was looking good. See for yourself in the images below. As if the photo booth wasn’t enough entertainment for the night Body & Soul rocked the house. There’s something to be said about Franklin Plaza weddings and never leaving hungry and this is true. If any of these guests thought they were still hungry on their way out they could have grabbed a slider which were brought out and pretty much cooked to order around 11pm. The food never stops at the plaza. So let me just take a minute to thank Tracy & Matt for being an awesome couple and keeping their heads up during the rain, we’re so glad the sun peaked out for a little bit.

Enjoy, leave love,

We’ll set it off with some sweet b&w’s

Tracy may have been looking out the window at the rain coming down but look at her smiling.

She’s got some great eyes!

Loving this shot of Tracy and her Father.

Nice, clean, good ol fashion bride & groom photos.

Tracy gave Matt a fly Breitling time piece.

And Matt gave Tracy some beautiful ear piece’s 😉

And Tracy’s Father gave them some Grey Poupon for their Bently.

Now its time to have some fun…

Seriously, look at this color palette! This is one of my favs here.

This one is just cool.

I caught you Matt… How’s that ring feeling? BTW, we don’t set shots like this up. It just happened.

How bout this one? Sweeeeeet!

So I photographed them in the urban street on their engagement session.

And the country road did just fine on their wedding day.

Another top fav.

The next two are the classic Elario double angle. My shot..

Big Joe’s from above.

The room was looking awesome.

This is another fav of mine.

I can smell the onions!

next one

the photo booth