valerie & eric: saratoga national

The second day of the year was a good day. It was a cold day for sure. That didn’t matter though, Valerie was game for anything. Seriously I don’t know how she braved the cold from the balloon shots early in the day to the post wedding downtown Saratoga Springs photos. Wow! I think my feet are still cold. All and all an awesome start to finish. If you read my last blog post you’ll see that it was all familiar faces on this wedding too. Thats right, the wife to be Kris Ann from Fleurtacious Designs was did the flowers, Al Woodard did the video, Saratoga National was the venue, the only thing that was different from this one in terms of vendors was Val & Eric had the one and only New York Players. Again, we enjoy working with all those vendors, everything just flows smooth. Funny thing about this wedding is Valerie & Eric were already married to each other. They had a small wedding back on January 24, 2009 but the big wedding was January 2, 2010 and thats what your going to see here folks. So sit back and relax because there are quite a few images in this post. Val & Eric, I hope you guys are enjoying Riviera Maya, we thank you for having us capture your big day.

Another reminder to all the future brides & grooms out there that we’ll be at The 2010 Glen Sanders Bridal Show @ the mansion. Its Sunday January 24th so stop by and say what up!

Enjoy, leave love,
Some details to set it off. All winter brides should have two pairs of footwear right?

A little getting ready action. Doesn’t Valerie look great? Aside from her natural beauty Make Me Fabulous was on the scene.

What a fun colors to pick for winter! Fleurtacious Designs rocks!

Some classic bride pics..

When I saw all these balloons I was like YES!

Not to mention the bridesmaids matching boots and wraps. Val had it together with all the little details.

They were so fun to shoot.

Photographers, sometimes it pays to have 8 frames per second.

Some church details…

They did it… again!

This just cracks me up. My man was not happy at all right here.

Loved the pom pom exit… Fact: Valerie made all those pom poms…

The pom poms read so well on camera. Sometimes people throw stuff and it just doesn’t read but the pom poms were great!

Only draw back was the cleanup. Love this shot.

One Caroline was real important to Val & Eric. It was where their very first date took place. It was also where their small wedding took place last January.

On with some b&w’s

Love this shot…

And this. one. I’ll be honest no one us could feel our fingers at this point of shooting but look at Val acting like its July.

No matter how cold it is Broadway in Saratoga always has people on it.

Love this shot.

A few more..

A nice winter scene in Congress Park.

Saratoga National…

Valerie and Eric had this awesome text stuff stuck to the window behind the head table and the mirror as well.. Nice touch guys.

Fleurtacious Designs did a great job on this wedding.

I can’t wait to have the New York Players at our wedding.

and thats it ya’ll… just one wedding left to shoot in February(20th) then the next time I put the tux on its my turn.

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