The second day of the year was a good day. It was a cold day for sure. That didn’t matter though, Valerie was game for anything. Seriously I don’t know how she braved the cold from the balloon shots early in the day to the post wedding downtown Saratoga Springs photos. Wow! I think my feet are still cold. All and all an awesome start to finish. If you read my last blog post you’ll see that it was all familiar faces on this wedding too. Thats right, the wife to be Kris Ann from Fleurtacious Designs was did the flowers, Al Woodard did the video, Saratoga National was the venue, the only thing that was different from this one in terms of vendors was Val & Eric had the one and only New York Players. Again, we enjoy working with all those vendors, everything just flows smooth. Funny thing about this wedding is Valerie & Eric were already married to each other. They had a small wedding back on January 24, 2009 but the big wedding was January 2, 2010 and thats what your going to see here folks. So sit back and relax because there are quite a few images in this post. Val & Eric, I hope you guys are enjoying Riviera Maya, we thank you for having us capture your big day.

Another reminder to all the future brides & grooms out there that we’ll be at The 2010 Glen Sanders Bridal Show @ the mansion. Its Sunday January 24th so stop by and say what up!

Enjoy, leave love,
Some details to set it off. All winter brides should have two pairs of footwear right?

A little getting ready action. Doesn’t Valerie look great? Aside from her natural beauty Make Me Fabulous was on the scene.

What a fun colors to pick for winter! Fleurtacious Designs rocks!

Some classic bride pics..

When I saw all these balloons I was like YES!

Not to mention the bridesmaids matching boots and wraps. Val had it together with all the little details.

They were so fun to shoot.

Photographers, sometimes it pays to have 8 frames per second.

Some church details…

They did it… again!

This just cracks me up. My man was not happy at all right here.

Loved the pom pom exit… Fact: Valerie made all those pom poms…

The pom poms read so well on camera. Sometimes people throw stuff and it just doesn’t read but the pom poms were great!

Only draw back was the cleanup. Love this shot.

One Caroline was real important to Val & Eric. It was where their very first date took place. It was also where their small wedding took place last January.

On with some b&w’s

Love this shot…

And this. one. I’ll be honest no one us could feel our fingers at this point of shooting but look at Val acting like its July.

No matter how cold it is Broadway in Saratoga always has people on it.

Love this shot.

A few more..

A nice winter scene in Congress Park.

Saratoga National…

Valerie and Eric had this awesome text stuff stuck to the window behind the head table and the mirror as well.. Nice touch guys.

Fleurtacious Designs did a great job on this wedding.

I can’t wait to have the New York Players at our wedding.

and thats it ya’ll… just one wedding left to shoot in February(20th) then the next time I put the tux on its my turn.

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  1. Valerie & Eric – Once again – great pictures but that is no surprise with subjects like you !!

  2. What a beautiful wedding! I love the black and whites of them in the street. But the best pic, that little guy screaming with the “happily ever after…” sign. Hilarious!!!

  3. Val, you were a gorgeous bride!! I am so happy that your day was everything that you planned for it to be. May you and Eric live happily ever after for many, many years!!!

  4. Val and Eric ,We were at the wedding and the whole thing was as magical as it shows on the photos. Love to you both! Kathy and Bob

  5. just a note to Valerie, I am not sure what your job is, but you should give serious consideration to being a wedding/event panner!! You had some beautiful touches all throughout your day!! loved each one! congrats ( and sorry JP to write through you!!)

  6. WOW!!! So, we just got back from the honeymoon, and I had my first chance to check the blog on our computer at home, instead of my iphone!!!! I am truly blown away.

    JP & Joe – thanks for shooting pictures that Eric & I will look at for the rest of our lives…. I am trying to pick a favorite , but it is impossible!

    The balloons turned out GREAT in the pictures – love them all! LOVE the one in the church with Eric looking at me, and the expression that you captured while we were walking down the aisle. And the pom poms……. after hours and hours of making those – they rocked!!!! If you need any for March – let me know 😉
    The 1st One Caroline picture is amazing, love, love, love it!!!! Also think that the b/w walking up caroline street with just our feet is great too. All of Congress Park looks exactly how I pictured our winter wedding 🙂
    Thanks for getting the details of the reception… a crafter, we love to see how the final product looks – after envisioning it for sooooo long 🙂

    And thank you to everyone for such amazing comments, I am still smiling ear to ear 🙂 Too bad you only get 1 day to be a bride!!!!

  7. What a beautiful wedding… there’ sjust something about winter weddings that is so elegant! Love the shots Joe… they are awesome and I love all the little details that Val added… looks like a perfect day! Oh, and can’t wait to see the shots from YOUR big day!!

  8. The pictures are amazing and I’m so glad that Val an Eric got their perfect day. I look forward to seeing more pictures. Congrats Guys you look so happy:)

  9. This wedding is so unique! Love the bridesmaids boots! Also, love the 8 frame balloon picts! Congrats on getting married AGAIN! 🙂 JP, your countdown….coming soon!

  10. Val and Eric,

    Love you both so much. You and the Joes’ have out done yourselves. These photos are more fabulous than I imagined and I am so happy for you. Can’t wait to see you all soon!!

  11. Mona, as of 1/2/10, you just lost your crown as reigning queen of the cold weather shoot. As you can see in these amazing photos, Valerie is the new bravest bride of all times! I recall that it was 22 degrees when we where in downtown Saratoga. I and Valerie was out there for a full ten minutes, strolling around with nothing on but her wedding dress. Every time someone would comment about how cold she must be, she would reply “you only get one day for your wedding photos, so let’s make it happen.” Another awesome couple. What a great opportunity to be a part of this wonderful event.

  12. These are beautiful winter pics!! I could only imagine how cold it was and Val and Eric acted like it was January in Cali. Loved the the shots with the balloons and the ones on the streets off Saratoga!! Damn those pink shoes were hot!!

  13. Wow! how beautiful. Love ALL the details she had… the balloons, boots, pom poms, and the flowers were stunning! they pop in each picture. The lettering on the glass and mirror is such a neat touch.
    Do We really have to wait until the end of Feb. until you post another wedding??? dang!!!
    great pics! thanks.

  14. Beautiful photos! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first shot outside 1 Caroline! What a great opportunity to capture where their love started! Congrats to all looked beautiful!

  15. Love the photos, love her boots, love the black and white decor… I was driving down Maple Street and looked up Caroline, and saw a bride and groom. I thought to myself “that might be Joe Elario.” Go figure… was waiting to see these up here. Congrats to the bride and groom.

  16. elarios – you make winter look SO fun! nice job capturing those amazing details! and i obviously love the balloons 🙂

  17. First of all…wow!! I can’t believe how many people commented on these pics so quickly! JP…you do have a lot of fans and I can see why! Gorgeous pictures and so real life that they almost seem 3D. Thanks for capturing such beautiful memories for my family! –sister-in-law of the bride

  18. what a fun wedding! i love all of her details! i will never stop looking at your blog 😉

  19. Kudos to Valerie on her attention to detail! This is by far one of the classiest, most beautiful weddings I’ve seen. It almost makes me want to get married all over again (to the same husband of course!) As always, amazing shots!

  20. I love EVERYTHING about this shoot, and everything about this wedding, never was a fan of winter weddings, but this definitely changed my outlook! Great Job as usual and awesome photos, love the Broadway sidewalk photos.

  21. LOVE THESE! I don’t know where to start? The little french theme (with the table numbers and the Tour Eiffel – yea that’s right)… the black and white… is it… brocade? Her beautiful dress, the adorable shoes, the awesome boots!!! So great. I love the one in the church where he’s looking over at her – so precious.

    Also, I laughed at the little guy lookin a little sad. Kinda cute. 🙂 Oh these are all great. Seriously, you’re making me nostalgic for November! Don’t make me pull out my dress again! 😉

    (Already did that over Christmas and pranced around the kitchen – truth!)

    Congrats AGAIN to the happy couple!!!!! What a beautiful meaningful day! OH and also loved the mirror decals. Such a nice touch. 🙂 Woo hoo!


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