Victoria & Seth’s Schenectady Engagement Photos

Today’s the day we share Victoria & Seth’s Schenectady engagement photos! We decided to shoot at a few locations that they went to on their first date plus some other gems in Schenectady as well. These two will be tying the knot next August and we’ll be there to capture it all! Thanks so much for having me! Can’t wait for next year!!


Meet Victoria and Seth..
This shoot set off quite nicely with the red colors.
A pretty fountain shot..
Walking up these steps to get to this spot was not an easy task in her heels.
love it.
oh just hanging out by some roses..
looking good you two!
Round two!
I just love the shots in front of the marquee!
my fav!
Killing it on State St!
Love these b&w’s.
so hot!
and we ended where their first date was!
and as always I end with my token “bling shot”
and the turnaround! great faces! see you two on August 1st 2015!


next one

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