vote for “too delicious”

Ok so I never ask you blog readers for a favor but I need one. My boy from college Mike Goubeaux, is a director, designer & editor and he’s in the top 5 for a Doritos® commercial he recently directed. It’s titled “Too Delicious” and can be seen along with the other top 5 HERE. I know my faithful blog readers could do me a solid by voting everyday, once a day until January 25. It would mean a lot to Mike and myself. What’s the prize you might ask? Well he has a chance for his commercial to air during the first quarter of the super bowl. This would be unbelievable exposure for the most watched commercial night of the year and could open all kinds of doors for this talented young man. So please please please, go on, get your vote on!


PS. look for us Sunday at Glen Sanders bridal show. I also have a blog coming from this past weekends wedding.

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