well wed: fall winter 2009

Its that time of the season when I get a fat box of some wedding goodness delivered to us. That box always contains the new issue of Well Wed magazine. Its always exciting because I’m usually a part of the magazine every issue. Since issue one we’ve had our work displayed and featured throughout the pages. I believe this is the  fifth or sixth issue and I’ve shot four gown shoots and we’ve had two feature weddings under our belts, needless to say we’re very honored to be part of the Well Wed family. Not to toot my own horn too much but since we’re talking numbers this is my third cover! All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you to Krista Washburn and the Well Wed fam for making us look cool issue after issue.

Now brides! Go out and get yourself the fall winter 2009 Well Wed. Its got endless pages of information. From color schemes to wedding etiquette this should be a brides the secret weapon when it comes to planning her wedding. I’ll also ad its filled with the areas best vendors from photogs, florists, entertainment and anything else you can think of. We’re all in good company.

A note about the shoot…. I don’t know where the hell in Vermont I was but we shot at an old train station and it rocked. Krista always has a vision and its so fun working with her ideas while putting my photographic twist on it. I shot along side my buddy Vermont Wedding Photographer Barrie Fisher and we crushed it. Barrie shot (with her camera) the brown haired model and I shot the blonde. I feel like a idiot for not remembering their names so if anyone wants to give them to me I’d be glad to throw some props their way. This was shot back in April just to put a scope on how much time goes into this publication.

Enjoy, leave love.

ps. Make sure you read Krista’s awesome “comment of the year” below in the comment box. Krista, the feelings are mutual.

So if you come into my office you’ll always find one of these on display. Please take one.

I pulled the hat trick here:

Some of my favorite spreads from the gown shoot.

Now here are some of my images I’ve been dying to share with you all since April. Two of my fav’s in the old cart.

This one is probably my #1 favorite shot from the whole day.

Another fav, part of the cover image series.

The tones, warmth and lighting on this are rockin.

A few behind the scenes shots. Barrie and I do a lot of waiting while the models change.

A few of me doing my thang!

Thats a wrap! Another one in the books or should I say on the magazine stands?

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