well wed: spring/summer 2010

Hey there peeps! Sorry for my lack of blogging lately. Thats what happens when your 31 days away from your own wedding. I really have a whole new compassion for all you busy and stressed out brides (& grooms) out there. I never knew all that went into planning these things. Thankfully we have wedding planner Christine Wheat working with us which has been a HUGE weight off our shoulders. I think you all need wedding planners. They just know so much and all kinds of stuff we’d never have thought of. So I just wanted to give Christine some much due props. Thanks Christine! I also need to mention publicly that I have an awesome fiance and without Kris Ann all we’d have is a photographer and a band. She’s got such a vision and great ideas going into our wedding I just can’t wait to see it. Keep up the good work babe! Ok now that my wedding/venting/praising is off my chest on with the post…

So here we are, another issue of Well Wed is out which means I can finally share the images I’ve been sitting on since September when I shot them. Remember when I teased them? This issue is awesome too, there is just so much stuff for the brides your heads will explode. As always, I’m honored to be part of the Well Wed family when I get asked to shoot the gown feature. It’s a huge compliment since editor Krista Washburn is one of the pickiest peeps in the biz. Anyway I drove out to the middle of nowhere in Vermont to shoot at the Tunbridge Fair. Seriously it was the middle of nowhere. Luckily I had an assistant to keep me company the whole time. April K assisted and photographed me behind the scenes all day so I thank you April! There were a few other photogs on this shoot as well and I’d me remiss if I did not mention Barrie Fisher, Daria Bishop & Beltrami Studios all from VT and all  bunch of very talented individuals. That being said, this book always comes down to Krista and her staff. I don’t know how they do these magazines and keep their sanity. So much work goes into them so if you can get your hands on one or see it at your local bookstore, pick one up before you grab some national magazine. Enough rambling for now… on with the photos.


I’ll do this as a beind the scenes shot, then the final result. This was a really fun spot to shoot. Only, I never got any cotton candy of candy apples but whatever.

The result of this image is just awesome. I’m all about patterns and color so this was just a sweet spot (pun intended).

I love her look in these images. Although this models thing was serious faces and high fashion I managed to make her smirk a little.

This is the second gown I shot. I love the dude off to the left totally checking her out.

I just love this image. When you pickup the issue, you’ll see this is the opening image to the whole spread.

Normally I’m not a tripod shooter, but you’ll see why I used it for the next couple images…

When I mentioned I liked the carousel to Krista she said they already shot there. I promised her I’d give it a different look and it was with a different model anyway. But I wanted movement in my image. I’ve photographed a carousel so many times but never like this.

Just for fun..

Last but surely not least… These shots coming up were totally worth the trip to Tunbridge. I’m crazy about them.

To say I LOVE this image would be an understatement.

Really, sitting on these since September has been killing me.


I had to.

And of course the whole crew…

One more thing… Well Wed also featured one of our weddings from 2009. After I posted this wedding back in April it instantly became a blog favorite. You all remember this one right? Well here is the spread….

I’m happy with the way it turned out however I would have liked to have seen some more images, so I put a little compilation of my favorites from Jaimee & Sean’s awesome April wedding.

next one

valerie & eric: saratoga national