whats meara up 2 ?

Ok I know all you faithful and long time blog stalkers must be wondering what our famous blog all star Meara is up 2 right? To catch you all up with Meara you should check this post out and this one as well. I’ll wait… Wow back so soon? Anyway it was time to document Meara at the age of 2 back in September of 2010. With the fall rush going on when I shot these images getting around to blogging this just got by me and I must say I regret it. I was actually working on my “how’d I miss that?” blog post for this past year. (here’s last years from 2009 stuff) So when I work on that post I basically look back at everything I shot and see what I shots from all the weddings, engagement, sessions etc I missed when I originally blogged it and create a blog post with the leftovers if you will. Anyway, I stumbled on these images and it sparked an impromptu blog post! I felt that they needed to be shared with you all and they needed to be shared now! So without anymore chatter here’s Meara at the age of 2!


One of the first shots I took.. she’s so Sweet πŸ˜‰

We’re old pals by now.. she just laughs at me.

As always Meara did not disappoint with the funny faces..

this is one of her best silly faces.

Oh but when she’s serious and calm she just pulls you right in..

little feets

How can you not smile when looking at this kid?

pretty color..

I loved when Mom gave her the pop! The color and the pattern was great!


This might be my fav from the whole session..

I’ll end with this.. hopefully we’ll see little Meara again!

next one

lily.. still growing