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So heres a scenario, I put a new blog post up and usually one of the very first comments always comes from someone named Mona. The comment is always complimentary to the couple featured in the post and she seems to find something unique about the post she’s commenting on. Well, who is this Mona person anyways? She’s only left over 40 comments on the blog in over 30 some odd different posts. So recently a lot of different people started asking me “who is mona?”. To put it simple Mona is an upcoming bride of ours for this November. Mona is also my #1 blog fan. She may refer to herself as one of my blogstalkers but I don’t consider someone who’s left over 40 comments a stalker. A blogstalker would be the people who look but don’t comment. I know your looking too because I can tell ;). Today I give props to someone who comments and is awesome along with some pics too. You might rememberย I tweeted this from August 13th, we had to take some pics, because what’s a post without photos?ย Now here’s a little guest post from the one and only Mona…

Hello fellow blogstalkers! Most of you only know me from the many, MANY comments I’ve left over the past year on this website. I’m sure many of you are in the midst of planning your wedding, and I wanted to introduce myself, and share a little bit about how the process has been for me.

When Andrew and I first got engaged, the funniest question we heard was “So have you set a date yet?” Seriously? We’d been engaged for no more than 1 day when people started asking that. It can feelย overwhelming if you don’t attack it all from the right angles.

With so many things to do, where to start?

We quickly realized that finding a venue, and deciding on music and photographers first were key. I guess it should come as no surprise who our photographers are given my enthusiasm here (thanks guys!) ๐Ÿ™‚

We came to find Joe and JP the way many of you probably did – through word of mouth. A friend of my mom had worked with Joe and JP for her daughter’s wedding, and after one look at their blog we were all hooked. Now, every time I see a new post, it just reminds me that Joe and JP will be capturing our special day with family and friends. Can you blame me for being excited? ๐Ÿ˜‰

For all of my vendors, word of mouth was definitely key. Granted, I still did my own research to make an informed decision, but it was helpful to have references from trusted sources. Everyone (and I do mean everyone!) referred us to Joe and JP… our seamstress directed us to Something Bleu, the bridal salon where I got my dress… Something Bleu referred me to my hair and makeup artist, Alayne Curtiss of Make Me Fabulous, as did Joe and JP… and the list goes on! It’s been really great being able to connect with everyone in person and even through facebook! I can truly say I’ve developed a relationship with everyone, and feel like I’m working with great friends, not strangers.

Another note – take advantage of the current/past brides in your lives – they are fantastic resources and support too!

For me, these months have not only been filled with wedding planning, but also finishing up my master’s in nursing to become a Nurse Practitioner, taking (and passing) my board exam, and trying to squeeze my way into the clogged job market. That’s right, even us health professionals are having trouble. Life is busy, and planning a wedding doesn’t have to rule your life. Since May, both Andrew and I have been doing a really intensive workout regimen. We honestly haven’t been doing it “for the wedding,” but I personally wanted to regain some strength that grad school took from me. We’re considering it a long term investment in our health, and so far persistence has been paying off with great returns in strength. It took me about three months to feel comfortable doing push-ups again, but I finally got it back.

So what I’m trying to say is take some time for yourself! Have fun, and enjoy these months leading up to your wedding day. For me, I know the details will fall into place as they should. All that matters is that Andrew and I are there standing with each other, and the day will be perfect just for that.

Anyways, that’s all for now! I just thought I’d drop in to say a quick hello before November!! Can’t wait!


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