Valerie & Eric with 527 votes! At 10:00am I registered them ahead by 3 votes! I’m amazed on how close one  was folks! But in the end Val & Eric came in as your favorite winter/spring wedding from 2010. Congrats to the lucky couple! They will be receiving a print wrap of the image below. The runner up will receive a $50 print credit.


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  1. Alayne – let’s face it, brides (and make up artists!) on JP’s blog are like mini-celebrities in the wedding world 🙂
    That’s why I had to have YOU make me fabulous for these pictures 😉

    So much excitement for that one special day – and these pictures (and blog) to look at for a lifetime thereafter!

  2. Val, you were the perfect person to win!!. Remember as we were getting you ready…You said to me… “Now remember Alayne I have to look good, I’m going to be on the blog.” Meaning, that was as exciting, if not more than being the bride on her wedding day!!! Congrats, Fabulous to see you today also, on your winning day!!

  3. I am SHOCKED! THANK YOU SOOOO much “E Blogstalkers” for helping us win!!! What an amazing feeling!!! Truly, all of the blogs posted have been beyond grogeous… It was fun to look back at all of them. What a year it’s been!!

    Thank you JP and Joe for capturing the magic of our day so perfectly!
    And thanks for the prize 😀 !!