wppi 2012

Hey hey!! Ok so to those of you who faithfully follow my blog and all I post you might have noticed a lack of posts this month. Its true, I’ve slacked. I have WPPI to blame for that. Yes I knew it was coming and yes I knew I was speaking, but I really needed to take time, focus and prepare for what I felt was one of the best WPPI’s yet…

For the peeps who don’t know what WPPI I’ll quickly explain. A ton of us wedding and portrait photographers get together every winter in the Las Vegas. Aside from the trade show, there are many many classes WPPI offers for us photographers. We head out there to learn new things, find new products to offer our clients but most importantly make new friends. If you’re a wedding or portrait photographer and you don’t attend this then shame on you. It doesn’t matter how established your studio is or how new you are to the industry either, in my opinion no photographers should sit this one out, period. Plus, its Vegas! πŸ˜‰

Anyway back in August just before I was heading to Boston to host the WPPI Road Trip I received an email from WPPI telling me I had been selected again to give a platform class in 2012. Last year I did it for my first time and had a blast! I truly enjoy sharing with my peers how I do what I do. This year was no different for me. I had a great room of photographers and I was ready to share. It was a fun afternoon in Vegas to say the least. If you attended my class please let me say thank you again! If not, maybe we’ll see you next year!

As we know a picture can tell a story so lets get into the visuals!

ps… i totally forgot to thank my friend Eli Murray for the sweet above pano of me speaking!

For a while now WPPI has been hosted at the MGM Grand. I remember going to one’s at Ballys. I think next year might be the last one there and then we head up the strip for 2014 to a new location.

On day 1 I was asked to speak at the Zenfolio booth. (you clients reading this might recognize the name since this is the site I use to proof everything I shoot)

While I was speaking at Zenfolio my good friends Dale and Meredith Benfield were at the Mpix Pro booth speaking so Big Joe went over and grabbed a snap of them.

I met Dale (& Meredith) back in 2010 at WPPI. They were super nice and we instantly hit it off. This is what WPPI is all about, connecting with other people who do what you do! I have WPPI to thank otherwise I might not have met these awesome people.

Thought I’d throw one in of Big Joe and myself. My fathers been taking me to trade shows since I was a kid. I remember walking the floor with him and being just as excited as he was to see all the new gear.

Later that evening we went to a party at this boutique hotel.. drop it MODERN c0-sponsored this party that was called “A Prohibition Rebellion” which is why we all look like a modern day version of Boardwalk Empire.

The next morning I was first up at the Mpix Pro booth. Thanks to all who listened!!

A couple of chicks and their “lightsabers” tried picking up Dale and I..

That evening Millers Lab/Mpix Pro took a bunch of us out to dinner at Tao. Here we are complete with some vegas “photo bomber” (that we didn’t know) in his blue sports coat.

Here’s a little collection of some of my vegas instagrams. If you’re on instagram follow me “jpelario”

Then the next day, 2:30pm.. I talked at my 2nd platform class at WPPI.

Me talking about the rhythm of what I do..  “shoot-tease-blog-repeat” Again, I can’t thank you all enough who came and listened. The room was full of you awesome people. Thank you for making WPPI 2012 an incredible experience for me. Peace, JP

One more thing: While I was gone Cheryl from CASL Productions put together a little video of me being me from 2011.. Look, I obviously enjoy my job and all that surrounds it. I also obviously like to preform for the camera… I swear something about when Cheryl and Amanda point those cameras at me brings out my crazy dance moves. It’s all in good fun!

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wppi 2012 + a fun little video