Sara & Eddie are expecting!

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Wow! Yup one word describes this whole session. As always Sara and Eddie give me amazing stuff to work with. If you’re new here I urge you to have a look at their engagement session and also their amazing wedding. Both are up there as some of my favorite blog posts ever. And we can […]

Julie & Kevin’s Albany Anniversary Photos

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Julie Johnson in the house!!! Yeah thats right if you visit my blog and read the comments you all know Julie Johnson! Julie and Kevin are “Elario Alumni” from the 2013 season. I shot their engagement photos as well as their wedding last year. A while back Julie emailed me asking to do an anniversary […]

Jaimee + Sean = Giselle

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It’s definitely kids and families week on the blog and we’ll close that out with none other than the beautiful and stylish Willcoxon family. Sean, Jaimee, Sean David and Penelope just welcomed little Giselle to their family and asked me to come capture it. I could not be happier with this session as it was […]

Meet Skyelyn!

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Ok prepare yourself for a super adorable little 11 month old named Skyelyn! We had originally planned for when she was actually going to be 1 but with the colors changing quick and I had an opening I bumped this shoot up. And I’m glad I did! This one was styled by Kailin of Simply […]

The Purnomo’s Fall Family Photos

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Look out friends the stylish Purnomo family is back on the blog today! I just love photographing these guys. Maybe it’s cause we’re all good friends or maybe its because their children are absolutely adorable. I know one thing for sure, I always come home with beautiful images. As always I’m honored to continuously capture […]

Kristen & Steve’s Crooked Lake House Wedding Photos

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Did I hear someone was searching the #melzonewedding hashtag to find this blog? Well if so you landed at the right post! Just kidding, kind of…  Anyway I’m thrilled to share Kristen & Steve’s Crooked Lake House wedding photos. This wedding was a blast from start to finish. Kristen and Steve sure bring some good energy […]