Hey! It’s your buddy, JP Elario (some people might know me as “Joe” as well). I’m a father of an absolutely amazing little girl (and also two French Bulldogs). I’m a husband, 10 years and counting. I love fitness + yoga. I think the best food on earth is wood fired pizza (which is why I workout so much). Coffee is my favorite too.

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A little history...

My father started Elario Photography in 1984 and I’ve been shooting weddings since I was 11 years old. I grew up with a camera. I shot film for years before there was such thing as a digital camera. I’ve been in the darkroom and now spend way too much time in Lightroom (that’s an editing program).  Photography is something I know and love. When I shot my first job at age 11 I asked my father when I should take a picture and his response was “whenever it feels right” and I’ve continued this piece of advice for 28 years (you can do the math).