Ok, I have a super fun, beautiful and awesome blog to share today. This event was just off the charts. Working with Alexandra and Vageli sure has been fun. Like it was a blast. Alex told me to have fun with the photos and do whatever I wanted. Not that I don’t normally do this but I liked knowing I could step away from the obvious shots from time to time. As a result, these images are bananas. I couldn’t be anymore happy with them. Shout out to all the players involved in making this wedding special. I also want to take a moment to welcome Alice Corey to our team and thank her for all the killer images she captured on this one. Last but not least, big thanks to Alexandra and Vageli for choosing us before you had a wedding venue. Thats truly the biggest compliment ever. Can we please do this again sometime? Love you guys, congrats!!!

September 16, 2017.

Frank Adam’s Jewelers in the house!

Love this girl!


Alexandra getting ready with her sister Cassie..

When you see yourself in the mirror as a bride:

1st look with Mom..

everyone in awe..

Off to take some pics…

Shout out to Nora, Rosa and Skye AKA the ladies of Angela’s Bridal for that extra attention to detail for our portraits..


That gown… just amazing.


It was too easy..

Meanwhile at The Renaissance hotel Vageli and the men get dressed..

Shout out to this guy for not hitting his head on the window frame.

when you’re working on that perfect bowtie.

I think he’s ready..

Finishing touches by Mom..

On deck at St Sophia’s.

Here comes the bride..

Vageli is floored by her beauty..

Love all the colors!

I could do a whole blog on just their ceremony.. so many great images.

It’s official..

Mr & Mrs..

The whole crew in downtown Albany..

How cute are they?

The boys..

Ok we’re about to enter a killer portrait session that I could not be any more happy with..

This series on the street with the movement from the veil is everything.


I could have gone home after I shot this.. but I didn’t 😉

Love this brick wall..

Then there was this wall..

Clearly my #1 favorite from their wedding day..

just perfect.

Working it like its their job!

too many favorites.

I’m crazy about this one too!

Kiernan Plaza by Deryck DeMatas

Party time!

1st dance!

Making it rain! Opa!



When you take a minute to watch your wedding.. Love this.

Congrats you two!!

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