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rachael & danny: franklin plaza

The heat streak continued folks and Friday June 22nd was a hot one for sure! It’s funny because the last time I saw these two it was pretty darn cold. You might remember their January engagement session at the barns. I really enjoy photographing these two. Its just easy!! Plus their both awesome people. So […]


courtney & john: franklin plaza

Boy oh boy did we have our hands full with the crew from Saturday! All I know is that Courtney and John’s bridal party had one mission and that was to party. Seriously, these guys brought it! Shoot, so did the parents! Anyway Saturday April 21st was a fun day for sure. We showed up […]


carley & bobby: franklin plaza

OK next up is Carley & Bobby’s wedding! Man oh man! SNOW in October? Word. Who would have thought we’d get snow on Saturday October 29? Not me! I hope this isn’t a sign of whats ahead for our long winter. Anyway we showed up at the hotel and there really wasn’t much talk at […]


tiffany & george: franklin plaza

Incredible, amazing, fun, beautiful, emotional andΒ stylish are some adjectives that come to mind when thinking back on Tiffany and George’s wedding. This wedding easily falls into a category of it’s own. We all knew it would though. Come on we’re talking about Tiffany Reo here! Β Did you expect something different? I didn’t. To say I’ve […]

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