May 30th, 2015 was nothing short of fun, beautiful and exciting for us. We were like ping pong balls bouncing around downtown Albany. We set it off at the Albany Hilton in the bridal suite with the ladies. Then it was off to 60 State Place to their bridal suite where Anya would get dressed. It was obvious why she would want to get dressed in that room, it’s clearly one of the nicest bridal suites in this area. After some awesome getting ready photos and a emotional first look with Dad we headed up to Academy Park, but another wedding party landed on Plymouth Rock first so we shuffled up a block to one of my favorite locations in the whole city. Ya see folks, when you hire wedding planners (Katie O’ on this particular day) you can shuffle plans last minute flawlessly. Add that to reason 489,346 why you should consider having a wedding planner. Anyway after a beautiful first look and some fun photos with their French Bulldog, Harley, it was time to get down to business. In less than 1 hour we captured all bridal party portraits (there were 16 of them) including solo combos and groups, all family photo combinations, bride and groom portraits and a car ride session. I like to think we smoked this one. Not to sound like I’m here bragging but this is something we at Elario Photography have prided ourselves with for years.

When we arrived back at 60 State Place everything was set and ready to rock. Renaissance Floral had the tallest chuppah I have ever seen decorated lovely. This was our first time shooting at 60 State Place and we very much enjoyed venue. I love the light marble walls and everything about the space. We’re lucky to have such a nice spot here in Albany. Their ceremony was very sweet. Anya walked down the aisle to an acoustic version of “thinking out loud” and received a round of applause as well. Once the knot was tied we stepped back out onto State St and shot some more bride and groom portraits. I just love that series of images!! Next up was party time and boy do the Russians know how to party!! Team Mazzone was on this one as well which means the food, drink and service was on point. All and all this was one hell of an event and we were honored to have been part of it. Everyone who helped make Anya and Steve’s day special should stand and take a bow! We want to thank Anya and Steve for having us. We wish you guys nothing but years of health, happiness and more French Bulldogs! Pozdravlyayu!


May 30th, 2015..

Double trouble in the bridal suite 😉 Polina brought along that Flawless Tina for a little extra beauty help.
Sometimes my job is so difficult.. 

The dapper, Steve. Fella’s take note.. it’s all in the details..

Meanwhile at 60 State Place..

What a perfect bridal suite..

Getting ready with Mother Galina and sister Eugenia.. loved these ladies..

Pretty flowers..

So much emotion with Dad’s first look..


You. Are. Stunning.

When Anya first contacted me I learned she had a Frenchie named Harley. I knew from that moment we were the peferct match lol. (Lexie sends her congrats)

Did I mention I love this bridal suite?

1st look!!


I love first looks that are like this.. these two seriously were in their own world for minutes..

Then Anya realized everyone else was watching along and teared up a little..

Might be my favorite pic of the day.. I might be jumping the gun with that comment once you see whats ahead..

I told these guys the biggest mistake at my own wedding was not having Lexie there for photos. I’m so glad (and I am sure they are too) that Harley made a cameo.

Hottie alert.. like 9 times yo..

It was windy but we just embraced it..


Found a new photo to add the Elario walls… love it!

This was their FB teaser.. Another fav..

Those smiles never stopped..

It was like I wasn’t even trying here..

Steve got my female blog stalkers all swooning right now..

I could have shot these two for like days..

Time to head out and get married… I LOVE the series of images I captured on the way to the venue in the vintage Bentley!!!!

Boss stuff right here…

Helping his bride out..

Even walking into a venue they look good..

60 State Place…

Tallest chuppah everrrrrr

Ketubah time!

Got flowers? Nice job, Renaissance!

One more blessing..

Mr & Mrs…

Just married working the Elario “bling shot”

I fell in love with this gold door back in 2011 and love that it’s part of the exterior of 60 State Place… that swag tho, bro.. come on.. killin’ em!!

So cute!


Anyone who knows me knows I jumped up after taking this photo in excitement!

Loved her veil dancing with the camera..

Normally I don’t blog “kiss” shots but this one was too damn good to collect digital dust..

Cocktail hour details. How sick is this places cocktail hour space?

Mr Angelo Mazzone himself giving the bride and groom a little preview…

The ballroom flip is now complete…

Such an awesome space! Gorgeously decorated too!

Party time!

1st dance…

When Big Joe nails that dip shot….


And we’ll end on an extremely high note. Congrats you two!



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