Well… here they are! Drumroll please………. Our wedding photos! If you follow me on twitter or facebook you’ve probably already been saw these. If not, here we go! I can’t even begin to get into how freaking excited I was when I saw these images. Being a photographer it’s not often you get to see yourself on the other side of the camera, it’s just funny to me. I’m super thrilled with the job our photographer Jessica Claire did with these images. Jess brought photographer Kamee Nuzman and they were both so awesome to spend the day with! I could go on for days but I’ll let the images speak! Since you all let me share your photos with the world I thought it would only be fair for me to share our wedding images with you! Oh and here is the direct link to the post Jessica did on her blog.


Shoe’s are always a big deal right?

A glimpse of Kris Ann’s gown.

Kris Ann’s bouquet was all cattleya orchids. Yellow is my favorite color so you know I loved the centers on this.

Kris Ann getting “made fabulous


Really am I lucky or what? She looked so damn beautiful!

My turn for the getting ready pics… this was the point of the day where all my nerves went away. Really when Al, Jess & Kamee showed up I was like “ok, let’s go! I’m ready.”

Ahhh and now the time piece! Kris Ann & I gave each other some sweet Rolex’s for our gifts. Her’s is an awesome Air King with a white dial. And mine… The steel Daytona with the white dial. A note about this watch is it is next to impossible to get. You’ll never see them in a display case and if a dealer is lucky enough to actually get one it’s already spoken for. But I got it, and I love it! 😉

Jess did a nice job here making me look like cool.

Time for our first look!

I love these images. especially the one on the left. Jessica shot these with my 200mm 1.8L


I love this b&w! So awesome.

I think we might have been laughing at the killer ducks of congress park in this image. Seriously you should have seen them chasing everyone.

Wow! Just wow. I love these images of my beautiful wife.

Remember this?

So awesome!

The ceremony space… Since we’ve all done the ceremony in this room the long ways Kris Ann & I wanted to switch it up. Give the room a twist.

Seriously this space was off the hook!

Lots & lots of candles!

Gotta blog one of me & Big Joe!

Before we got married Kris Ann did a little hair change. She added a beautiful birdcage veil as well. I was a big fan of this look as well.

Can we say nervous… Not nervous to get married nervous I was going to knock Kris Ann into the stream. Anyone who knows me know’s I can’t stand still so this was a tough spot. Props to Jess with this image. The light, the setting its by far the most romantic one of this whole collection.

Anyone who know’s Kris Ann’s dad absolutely loves him including myself. He did a spectacular job walking her down the aisle, I couldn’t wait to shake his hand and then take Kris Ann’s.

Great moment.

Since Kris Ann & I are big Dave Matthews fans I had John Charles Cook play “Ant’s Marching” for our processional song. This was a big hit and let our guests know it’s party time!

Jess refers to this shot as “kind of a mistake “. I think its awesome. I love the motion and graininess.

Now to our fantastic space!

I love all the designs Kris Ann came up with the room looked so good.

These couches from Renaissance Floral Design were a huge hit!

Just an all around great image.

This ones even better!

We never left the dance floor.

Debbie Coye did an incredible job on our cake!

But the big surprise was from Krista Washburn and Well Wed Magazine! Ben & Jerrys! That was so freaking cool. Thanks Krista!

And thats a wrap!

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  1. I am some what new to your blog and images and I can offically say that I am now a new “blog stalker” to your page…haha. I have been tempted to comment a few times, but I really felt compelled to comment on the images from your own wedding. I must tell you that your wife is absolutely stunning! You both make such a beautiful couple. Keep up the AMAZING work!

  2. The photos are gorgeous and you guys look so happy! I’m especially impressed with how you guys styled the ceremony room- it looks so beautiful and unique! Congrats again!

  3. I finally had a moment to come back to the blog and comment…Amazing photos, congrats again to you and Kris Ann…Isn’t it wonderful to have a fantastic photographer capture your love and laughter on your Wedding Day 😉 (all of us JPE couples know a little about that!) oh..and of course LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ants Marching…I wondered how DMB would end up part of YOUR day!!!

  4. Absolutely amazing… there are no words to describe your wedding. Brian and I are so happy for you! and speechless! Congrats!!!

  5. JP…what beautiful pictures! You both look amazing! My favourite is the two of you on the wooden plank….it should go in a magazine! Congratulations again:) Wishing you both all the best!

  6. Wow, amazing. I am so glad you were able to find someone who matches the talent of you and big Joe. Nothing is better than having spectacular images of such an important day. Now you know why everyone loves you guys so much!! You bring that excitement to every bride you work with and it is a true gift. Tell Kris Ann congrats for me, she could not have been more stunning.

  7. Absolutely beautiful!! Beautiful bride, groom, ceremony, reception… well done guys! Congratulations to you both!

  8. It was the most perfect day! And the images prove it as well!! The one on the little bridge is my favorite, so romantic like you said JP. Oh yeah and all the gorgeous ones of Kris Ann and you getting ready. Oh heck, love you both, love them all!

  9. Amazing pictures!! You both look beautiful and so happy! The rooms look stunning! Props to Kris Ann!

  10. Well although I already commented on JC’s blog – these are beautiful. Picture perfect (no pun intended). I really love the one of you guys at your sweetheart table, and also the one of you kind of kissing her shoulder after the first look. So sweet. You guys looked gorgeous 🙂 Congrats again!!!

  11. Beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple! My favorite is the picture of the two of you sitting at the table having a private moment. May you always have the joy and love that you had in that moment. 🙂 Best Wishes.

  12. i just love you guys! awesome images, beautiful wedding! congratulations again!!

  13. It looks like such a beautiful wedding! Congratuations, Mr. and Mrs Elario! 🙂

  14. I LOVE Jessica’s work. I actually just started following your blog because she put a link to your work on her post about you guys! You work is equally inspirational. I spent one afternoon reading through so many of your blogs! I am so excited to see more as the wedding season progresses. You guys look so, so happy! Your wife is stunning! Cheers and happy shooting!